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15 Desserts You Can’t Live Without: Trust Me, I’ve Tried

Finding the perfect dessert can sometimes feel like a daunting task, but this selection makes it easy. Spanning across a variety of preferences, these 15 desserts have been carefully chosen to ensure maximum enjoyment. The person behind it has really done their homework, aiming to bring a bit of sweetness into your life. It’s a fun and easy way to make sure you’re not missing out on some truly incredible treats.

A plate with a slice of pecan cake and a cup of coffee.
Maple Pecan Pie Bars. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

Lemon Goldies

Three square pieces of lemon goldies on a white plate.
Lemon Goldies. Photo credit: Bake What You Love.

Warm days and cool treats go hand in hand, and sometimes, you crave something sweet yet tart. Imagine biting into a gooey, lemony square that’s both rich and refreshing. That’s exactly what Lemon Goldies bring to the table. They are a twist on typical brownies, offering a citrusy kick that’s perfect for summer days.
Get the Recipe: Lemon Goldies

Pecan Pie Brownies

Three pieces of pecan pie brownies on slate coasters.
Pecan Pie Brownies. Photo credit: Bake What You Love.

If you think brownies couldn’t get any better, think again. Merging the crunch and sweetness of pecans with the rich, chocolatey base of brownies, Pecan Pie Brownies are a match made in heaven. These treats offer the best of both worlds, combining two beloved desserts into one. It’s a must-try for anyone who loves to find new ways to enjoy classic flavors.
Get the Recipe: Pecan Pie Brownies

Turtle Brownies

A piece of Turtle Brownie with ice cream on a plate.
Turtle Brownies. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

Ever wished you could have your favorite chocolates in brownie form? Turtle Brownies make that wish a reality by bringing together gooey caramel, pecans, and a rich chocolate base. Each bite is a perfect balance of textures and flavors, making it hard to stop at just one. It’s a luxurious take on the traditional brownie that will have you coming back for more.
Get the Recipe: Turtle Brownies

Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls

An apple cinnamon roll on a plate with a spoon.
Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

Imagine your favorite pie and cozy morning pastry wrapped into one. Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls are exactly that: a soft, doughy roll filled with the sweet, spiced flavors of classic apple pie. This dessert combines the best aspects of both treats, offering a unique twist that’s both comforting and irresistible. It’s like enjoying two desserts at once, doubling the enjoyment.
Get the Recipe: Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls

Rhubarb Bread

A loaf of Rhubarb Bread with a few slices on a white plate.
Rhubarb Bread. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

Sometimes, simplicity wins, and Rhubarb Bread is proof of that. It’s a moist, tender loaf that’s subtly sweet and tangy, making it perfect for breakfast or a light snack. This bread brings the unique flavor of rhubarb to the forefront, offering a taste that’s both familiar and pleasantly surprising. It reminds us that sometimes, the best flavors come from the most unexpected places.
Get the Recipe: Rhubarb Bread

Rhubarb & Strawberry Crumble

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble in cast iron with vanilla ice cream on top.
Rhubarb & Strawberry Crumble. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

Combining rhubarb and strawberries results in a dessert that’s as colorful as it is delicious. Rhubarb & Strawberry Crumble is the perfect balance of tart and sweet, with a crumbly topping that adds just the right amount of texture. It’s a simple dessert that highlights the beauty of these two fruits, making it a hit during the warmer months. Whether for a special occasion or a casual dinner, it’s sure to impress.
Get the Recipe: Rhubarb & Strawberry Crumble

Lemon Loaf

A slice of lemon pound loaf on a plate with daffodils.
Lemon Loaf. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

Who doesn’t love a slice of moist, tangy cake with their afternoon tea or coffee? Lemon Loaf brings just the right amount of zest to brighten your day, with a texture that’s tender and a glaze that adds a sweet finish. It’s a classic treat that has stood the test of time, proving that sometimes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Grab a slice, sit back, and enjoy a moment of bliss.
Get the Recipe: Lemon Loaf

Cookie Dough Milkshake

Cookie Dough Milkshake with a spoon and syrup in the background.
Cookie Dough Milkshake. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

For those days when turning on the oven is just too much work, there’s a cool, creamy solution. A Cookie Dough Milkshake is like a dream come true for cookie dough lovers, blending the joy of raw cookie dough with the creamy richness of ice cream. It’s a refreshing treat that satisfies your sweet tooth while keeping things chilled. Why choose between cookies and ice cream when you can have the best of both worlds?
Get the Recipe: Cookie Dough Milkshake

Mango Curd

A jar of mango curd next to a mango and a mint leaf.
Mango Curd. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

Tropical flavors have a way of whisking you away to sunny skies and sandy beaches, and Mango Curd is no exception. It’s a smooth, vibrant spread that pairs perfectly with toast, scones, or as a tart filling. This curd adds a touch of the exotic to any dessert, making it a versatile addition to your sweet repertoire. Bite into its bright flavor, and let it transport you to a tropical paradise.
Get the Recipe: Mango Curd

Chocolate Caramel Cookies

Chocolate Caramel Cookies.
Chocolate Caramel Cookies. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

Some combinations are timelessly irresistible, and chocolate with caramel is one of them. Chocolate Caramel Cookies bring this classic duo to life in a soft, chewy treat that’s impossible to resist. Each bite is a harmonious blend of deep chocolate and sweet, gooey caramel. It’s a comforting, indulgent option for anyone looking to satisfy their sweet cravings.
Get the Recipe: Chocolate Caramel Cookies

Strawberry Upside Down Cake

Strawberry Upside Down Cake with a slice missing.
Strawberry Upside Down Cake. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

Turning things upside down can often lead to delightful surprises, especially in the kitchen. Strawberry Upside Down Cake is no exception, delivering a moist cake topped with a beautiful layer of caramelized strawberries. This twist on a traditional dessert not only looks impressive but tastes phenomenal too. It’s a vibrant, fruity cake that promises to be a crowd-pleaser at any gathering.
Get the Recipe: Strawberry Upside Down Cake

Brown Butter Apple Blondies

A black plate with Brown Butter Apple Blondie squares with apples on the left and pumpkins on the right side of the table.
Brown Butter Apple Blondies. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

Autumn brings with it a bounty of flavors, but none quite like the sweet, rich essence of apples. Brown Butter Apple Blondies are a warm, inviting treat that combines succulent apples with a nutty brown butter batter. The result is a chewy, flavorful blondie that perfectly captures the essence of fall. It’s a comforting dessert that pairs beautifully with your favorite warm beverage.
Get the Recipe: Brown Butter Apple Blondies

Maple Pecan Pie Bars

A plate with a slice of pecan cake and a cup of coffee.
Maple Pecan Pie Bars. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

The flavor of maple paired with pecans is a reminder of the changing seasons and the warmth they bring. Maple Pecan Pie Bars are a portable, easy-to-share version of a traditional pie, loaded with the rich taste of maple and the crunch of pecans. They strike the perfect balance between sweet and nutty, making them ideal for dessert or a midday treat. If you’re a fan of classic flavors with a twist, this one’s for you.
Get the Recipe: Maple Pecan Pie Bars

Blueberry Grunt

Blueberry Grunt on a blue plate with ice cream.
Blueberry Grunt. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

Sometimes, the simplest desserts are the ones that stick with us the longest. Blueberry Grunt is a testament to this, showcasing plump, juicy blueberries in a dumpling-style dessert that’s both comforting and rustic. It’s a lesser-known gem that deserves a spot in your dessert repertoire, especially when blueberries are at their peak. This dish is a nod to tradition and simplicity, proving that great flavor doesn’t have to be complicated.
Get the Recipe: Blueberry Grunt

Buttermilk Banana Cake

Banana-Buttermilk Cake on a platter.
Buttermilk Banana Cake. Photo credit: Cook What You Love.

There’s something incredibly comforting about a slice of moist, flavorful cake alongside your favorite cup of coffee or tea. Buttermilk Banana Cake takes the classic appeal of banana bread and boosts it into a tender, flavorful cake that’s both easy and indulgent. It’s the perfect use for those overripe bananas, ensuring nothing goes to waste while treating yourself to a deliciously sweet moment. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the best treats are the ones that feel like home.
Get the Recipe: Buttermilk Banana Cake


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