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Black Friday 2022 Deals & Steals!

Shopping from the comfort of your couch for this year’s best and save big! I’ve rounded up for you some of the best products for your smoker, grill, kitchen, table, and more!

Shop till you drop from the couch and skip the lines, hassle, and stress! And, to make your shopping even easier, I’ve hand-picked some of my favorite tools, accessories, gadgets and more so that you can flex your inner chef the next time you’re cooking!

For the smoker

Got a Traeger pellet grill smoker or another kind of smoker? Up your smoking game with these handy helpers!

Digital Thermometers! Always smoke to temp and not to time, and to help you master the art of the best smoked meats, a digital meat thermometer is essential! I love Thermoworks products, and the Thermapen ONE is my go-to!

Other must-haves include:

For the griddle

Got a Blackstone Griddle or other outdoor griddle? Here are a few must-haves to make every meal perfect!

  • Silicone egg mold – For fried eggs or omelets, these are perfect!
  • Flippers – Having a variety of plus-sized flippers will make your griddling so much easier!
  • Cooking dome – Lock all the heat and steam inside with a handy cooking dome!
  • Squirt bottles – For water, oil, sauces, and more!
  • Tongs – Long-handled tongs are a life-saver!

For the kitchen

From novice to pro, my hand-picked kitchen tools will make cooking every meal easier!


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