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Instant Pot Dutch Oven Review

With an enameled insert that’s pretty enough to go on the table plus Instant Pot technology, this hand counter-top appliance gets full marks from me! Curious about this appliance? Read on for my Instant Pot Dutch Oven Review!

instant pot dutch oven

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I’m a huge foodie and when I heard about this new product coming out, I lined up in virtual space to get my hands on one. I should tell you that this review is UNBIASED and Instant Pot did not contact me or sponsor me to write this review. Can you use a regular Instant Pot as a Dutch oven? Not really which is why there is this one! Read on for a comprehensive Instant Pot Dutch Oven review!

Official Name

Officially called the Instant Precision Dutch Oven, I think that’s a mouthful. Call it what you will, but there’s no doubt that precision is what it is all about!

Securely Shipped

My IP Dutch Oven arrived safe and sound. It was REALLY well packed. It came in an octagonal box which the kids all went nuts over. When’s the last time you saw an octagonal box? Anyhow, it was really REALLY well packed in there. A box inside a box and plenty of packaging to keep it from shifting around.

Instant Precision Dutch Oven – Quality Materials

The first thing you’ll notice about the Instant Pot Dutch Oven is how heavy it is! This is a hefty appliance, owing almost entirely to the solid cast iron insert and lid. It is enameled, and at the time of this post it was available in two colors: red and blue.

I chose red just because I thought red would look nicer with food.

The Instant Precision Dutch Oven comes with silicone handles to slip on the cast iron insert, and you’ll need them, because it gets HOT! It also comes with a functional – but not very pretty – silicone mat to protect your table if you want to put the insert right onto the table.

I did, and boy, is it pretty! It is shiny and glossy and oh-so pretty. I swear, from a distance you’d think it was a Le Creuset Dutch oven!

The lid has a solid and well-secured handle, and I like that the very top ridge, where the pot meets the lid, is not enamaled so that it won’t get scratched up and look yucky from moving the lid on and off.

Overall, it is very attractive.

Pair the pretty look with Instant Pot technology, and it’s a winner!

Chicken and Cheddar Dumplings made in the IP Dutch Oven.

Instant Pot Technology

The interface on this Dutch oven is simpler than a regular Instant Pot. There aren’t quite so many functions. There are:

Sear – for browning food

Slow Cook – to mimic the function of a Crock Pot or slow cooker

Braise – to braise meats and stews

Manual – more about this below

It is all touch-activated, with a shiny knob in the middle that lets you adjust the time and temperature.

Watch the unboxing of a brand new Instant Precision Dutch Oven

Instant Pot Dutch Oven vs Oven

What I really like about this device is that I don’t have to heat up my whole oven to cook something. The unit sears and braises all in one device, also cutting down on the number of dishes I need. It is one-pot cooking at its finest!

I found the temperature controls to be very accurate and you can go with the pre-set function of Slow Cook or Braise, or use the Manual button to control the heat yourself.

Manual Function

On my model, the Manual function allows you to precisely control the temperature. Manual mode 1 (pressing it once) which covers the lower heats, and Manual mode 2 (pressing it twice) for higher heats.

Instant Pot Dutch Oven vs Slow Cooker

I think I’m going to retire my slow cooker. Not only is this Dutch oven nicer to look at, but it is way smarter than my slow cooker. The IP Dutch Oven can be set from a minimum of 3 hours up to 12, and when it is done, it automatically enters the Keep Warm phase for up to 3 more hours. And, it cooks perfectly.

Better yet, I can sear everything IN the insert – which is something you can’t do with a traditional slow cooker – and then cook it.

Instant Pot Dutch Oven vs Regular Dutch Oven

This is the real test, isn’t it? Will Instant Pot convince people to retire their heavy and expensive traditional Dutch ovens for this new device?

My guess is YES! Not only is this as attractive as expensive enamaled Dutch ovens, but there’s no moving it from stove top to oven – which can be a chore if it’s full and super heavy. And, at about half the price, it does the job of several different appliances so it’s not just one-trick pony.

Plus, you get Instant Pot precision cooking – set the temperature to whatever you like, set the time, and walk away.

Convinced? Click here to get your own! And, I hope this Instant Pot Dutch Oven review has been helpful!

How Does The Food Taste?

I put my new Instant Precision Dutch Oven through its paces! Let me tell you, it’s had a workout!

First, I made a faster cooking meal: Chicken and Dumplings.

I really appreciated the ease of doing the whole dish in one pot without having to move it into the oven. Then, to take it out again to stir or check if it’s done. Plus, the IP Dutch oven is big enough that I made a BIG batch of Chicken and Dumplings.

I got a lovely sear on the meat and the pot heated up very quickly.

Then, I did a long, slow braise, making Garlic Short Ribs. The long braise is where this IP really shines. Specific controls allowed me to turn the heat down to a low simmer, and by setting the time, the family and I went out for the afternoon and came home to perfectly tender and oh-so delicious Garlic Braised Short Ribs.

The Verdict?


For anyone who loves Dutch oven cooking, slow cookers, or just wants to get more into cooking, this Instant Pot Dutch Oven is for you!

It is:

  • Affordable – considerably less than good quality enamelware and certainly less than a regular Dutch oven and a slow cooker
  • So pretty – the red color is gorgeous and looks fabulous on my table
  • Easy – IP technology makes using this appliance so easy!
  • Accurate – to the degree and minute, I can customize each recipe.
garlic braised short ribs in the instant pot dutch oven
Braised Short Ribs a la Instant Precision Dutch Oven

Where Can I Buy an Instant Pot Dutch Oven?

I got mine on Amazon, though I’m sure they’ll be available in other places soon enough. Click below to see how pretty it is:

IP Dutch Oven in red

Is the IP Dutch Oven Easy To clean?

YES! Easier than my IP with the funny silicone ring that always seems to smell. The insert cleans nicely, and the front and top wipe down easily with a damp cloth. That’s it!

What Else Do You Need?

Enameled cookware is scratch resistant but to keep your Dutch oven in perfect shape, I recommend using silicone kitchen tools. Silicone tongs, spoons, spatulas, etc. are heat resistant and won’t scratch your Dutch oven.


20 thoughts on “Instant Pot Dutch Oven Review”

  1. I totally agree with your review. I hope you’ll continue to develop recipes specifically for the Instant Precision Dutch Oven.

  2. I’m trying to slow cook chili with beef, any recipes, suggestions on cooking temperature and time? I always used a crockpot, now not sure how to use my instant pot Dutch oven.

    • Hi Sherrie! It will depend on how thick your chili is and how big a batch. I’d turn the IP Dutch oven as low as it’ll go to maintain a simmer, and then cook the chili for 30-45 minutes at least! Good luck! Sounds delish! ~Jenn

    • No, it doesn’t cook any faster. The genius of this appliance is that it is a self-contained unit that can sear and braise all at once without having to use your oven! I love mine!

  3. Hi I’m trying mine out for the first time! Do I follow the same cook temperature and times as I would for a normal Dutch oven recipe?

    • Oh, how exciting! I’ve found that the temperatures for the IP Dutch Oven are similar but not exactly the same because ovens are larger, take longer to heat up, etc. The temps and times in your recipe are a good starting point and shouldn’t be too far off! Enjoy! ~Jenn

  4. Hey Jenn,
    My boyfriend and I tried to cook with the Dutch Oven Instant Pot for the 1st time and got everything prepped for browning the chuck roast. We turned it on got the oil hot and once it started to smoke, I turned it off for a quick second to finish doing something else and the darn thing wouldn’t turn back on. Checked all the outlets they still work fine but this thing isn’t running anymore. Strange, guessing maybe a fuse blew?

    • Yikes! I’m not sure what happened but yes, I’d check your fuses first. If not, IP has AMAZING customer support and I’d reach out to them to see what happened! I’ve used mine a bajillion times and never had this issue! Good luck! ~Jenn

  5. 5 stars
    Made Mississippi Pot Roast last night – the first time I used this Christmas gift. I seared as directed by the instructions and then cooked it for 9 hours. It was delicious and worked very well. The only drawback I found is that the inside of the Dutch oven had color irregularities after cooking. In doing some research, this recipe has peperoncini peppers and their juice and it seems I shouldn’t have used anything acidic in it. So use my experience and keep those out of this product.

    • I’m glad your roast turned out well! I’m kind of shocked that the inside would discolor – IP usually makes such good products. I’ve not personally experienced this, but it’s a good heads up! Thanks for coming back to share! ~Jenn

  6. Could I put the enameled insert on the stovetop to brown meat? I know “sear” is one of the functions, but I like stove top browning with gas before I start a slow cook on electric. Thanks,

    • Hmm, I’m not sure about that. I don’t think the insert is designed for stove-top use but I haven’t read the instructions in a while. I CAN tell you that it does a decent job of searing in the unit. Maybe not as great as a cast iron skillet over a gas flame, but for stews and such it is fine. Hope that helps! ~Jenn

  7. My IP Dutch over which I used 5-7 days a week and received in January just died in the middle of cooking a batch of chicken thighs. I have taken all precautions and there in nothing wrong with the outlet and nothing visible wrong with the cord. Since it is a gift, I have no paperwork and I did not register the purchase, but I am really disappointed. I threw out my slow cooker. Good thing I have a traditional Dutch oven or my dog would not have dinner.

  8. Hi! Maybe you can help me. I could never figure out the braising function. Everything online says that it browns and then simmers. Is this automatic for you? Or do you sear the meat then press braise and set the time or does it automatically sear and adjust the temp to simmer automatically after a certain time?

    • Hi, for sure! You have to do it in steps. First you sear the meat then change to the braise function. It doesn’t make the switch automatically. Hope that helps! ~Jenn


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