11 Hearty Soups and Stews

Cream of Jalapeno Soup

Cream of Jalapeno Soup

With a lovely, velvety texture and plenty of jalapeno flavor, this Cream of Jalapeno Soup isn’t as spicy as you might think! It’s totally craveable, and can be on the table in about 30. What’s for dinner? How about Cream of Jalapeno Soup!

Creamy Instant Pot Tortellini Soup

Creamy Tortellini Soup

With cooked-all-day-flavor but made quickly and easily in your Instant Pot, this creamy Instant Pot Tortellini Soup with Sausage and Tomatoes is stick-to-your-ribs goodness. An amazing creamy broth, loads of tender tortellini, and meaty sausage make this soup a must-try!

Creamy Chicken Gnocchi Soup

Creamy Chicken Gnocchi Soup

This Creamy Chicken Gnocchi Soup is thick, creamy, and filled with fabulous flavors. It’s a hearty soup very similar to the Olive Garden chicken gnocchi soup, with a few of Chef Jenn’s twists to make it just a wee bit more delicious. Hungry? Read on and let’s get cooking!

Fully-Loaded Seafood Chowder

Seafood Chowder

This is the best Seafood Chowder I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve eaten more than a few gallons of it over the years. This Seafood Chowder with bacon is thick, rich, and loaded with shrimp and fish. Plus, it’s not hard to make and doesn’t require all-day cooking. Are you ready for a crazy good thick and rich chowder? Let’s get cooking!

Authentic Hungarian Goulash

Hungarian Goulash

When you’re in the mood for a hearty and beefy authentic Hungarian Goulash, this is the recipe for you. I’ve been making this amazing recipe for more than 20 years. Perfected over time, it is the balance of spices that makes it too good to pass up.

Smoked Beef Stew

Smoked Beef Stew

Chunky, beefy, saucy, full of veggies and with a lovely smoky flavor, Smoked Beef Stew is easy, delicious, and affordable! With a secret ingredient that’ll put this stew over the top, it’s too good to miss!

Tortellini Soup with Kale &  Chicken

Tortellini Soup with Kale & Chicken

With flavor in every spoonful, Tortellini Soup with Kale & Chicken is a rustic Italian tortellini soup that the whole family will love. With slow-cooked flavor without a lot of work, this soup is rich, savory, and loaded with veggies and plump tortellini.

Smoked Chicken Tortilla Soup

Smoked Chicken Tortilla Soup

Take your tortilla soup game to new levels and make this Smoked Chicken Tortilla Soup! Loaded with leftover smoked chicken, this soup is thick, rich, hearty, and packed with crazy good flavor!

Instant Pot Steak and Potato Soup

Steak and Potato Soup

Loaded with hearty chunks of tender steak and potatoes, this chunky Steak and Potato Soup is a must-try for meat and potato fans. It’s an easy to make soup in your Instant Pot, and in under an hour, you’ll have the kind of flavor that comes from cooking all day long.

Leftover Roast Beef Stew

Leftover Roast Beef Stew

What to do with leftover roast beef? There are few things heartier, tastier, and more delicious than Leftover Roast Beef Stew! Repurpose those leftovers into something yummy that the whole family will love!

Homemade Beef & Barley Soup

Beef & Barley Soup

I’ve been making this homemade Beef & Barley Soup recipe for more than 30 years, and back when I had my deli and catering business, this was a popular lunchtime pick. I must have made hundreds of gallons of it back then, and today, it’s still one of my family’s most requested soups.